About Us

Fawesome.tv is a Free package of channels personalized to meet your interest. Its freaking awesome interface enables you to Watch like a TV but control like a PC. Covers Food, Games, Style, Comedy, Entertainment, Education, Fitness, Health and more. Watch anytime, anywhere without restrictions.


Platform Benefits

  • Content setup and configuration
  • Reporting
  • Ad delivery & Optimization
  • Content Syndication

Platform Distribution

  • Connected TV:
  • Mobile:
  • Web:

Platform Features

  • Content Management
  • Publishing
  • Syndication & Monetization

Platform Network

Our platform allows you to allocate inventory to multiple networks. Campaings can be targeted to one or multiple publishers.

Advertising Solutions


With channels in food, health, travel, Fashion and 10+ other verticals, fawesome.tv provides brands with access to niche audience at scale.


Through our network, users can be targeted seamlessly accross web, mobile and connected tv platforms.


fawesome.tv helps brands connect with their audience within the context of the content consumption experience. This ensures higher performance and better engagement.

Who We Are

Alok Ranjan, Founder

With an MBA from Columbia, Alok’s expertise is in the New Media industry. Enter ifood.tv, an outlet where Alok can satisfy both his intellectual and culinary passions.

Vikrant Mathur, Co-Founder

Vikrant spent over ten years of his career helping startups launch cool products and have successful exits. Now, he serves as the "single malt" expert at ifood.tv.