Washing Down Your Hangover With Water Is Passé. What Do Scientists Say?

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Parting hard on a weekend may make you feel better, but what about the terrible hangover that has you groaning and crawling back into bed right the morning after? Experts recommend an easy way out though and that is to take the help of plain water. It is a well known fact that alcohol leaves your body dehydrated. So make sure to have a glass of water before starting on a new peg every time you give in to the urge to request the bartender for your favorite poison.

Banish your hangover well and truly by gulping down a tall glass of good olH2O just before you hit the bed after an alcohol soaked party. Do remember to down another glass full of the life giving water first thing in the morning and bid that hangover a cheerful adieu.

Recent studies, however, negate the theory. It will not help you to get rid of the hangover simply by filling your body with water say the scientists. Watch the video for more details on it.

Check the ingographic below for hangover help. Be wary of the guzzling water information though. Scientists do not agree on this easy remedy anymore.

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Image Credit: krwgnews22