Dark Chocolate How Do Kids Find It?

Kids are a sucker for chocolates. Wait! What if it is a piece of dark chocolate? More bitter than sweet! Will it help satiate the kids? OMG! Look at their reactions on tasting it for the first time.

The advert for Splendid chocolates had the poor kids fall for the most delicious food in the world (or so they thought) until the first bite and then a feeling of outrage and betrayal!

No worries, little ones you will learn to appreciate it later in life. Dark chocolate is not really a vice although it tastes bitter. It happens to be good not only for you but your Momma Papa too. So breathe easy and take another bite, you might acquire a taste for it yet.

Check out how beneficial it is. Be sure to get some for your parents for Thanksgiving.

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Image credit: mountsinai