Laugh Your Diseases Off! Try The Laughter Yoga!

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What is the best medicine? Laughter, of course! You know it right? But somehow you have never equated it with the process of healing in reality. Sorry! You have been dead wrong! Laughing does indeed serve as a therapy. Search for laughter groups in different parts of the world and you will be surprised to discover how many there are particularly in the United States and U.K.

What do the members do there? Well, they laugh of course. Not after seeing or hearing anything funny but at nothing at all. People just force themselves to laugh and it catches on with a tiny chuckle turning into a loud guffaw. It becomes uncontrollable soon enough.

Members undergoing laughing therapy swear by it too. The ROFL moments are good enough to relieve anxiety and stress. It also helps you to gain confidence along with easing loneliness. Your stomach muscles have a good workout as well and followers of this therapy say that laughing may even be as good as spending half an hour at the gym. The only thing missing here is the sweat though. Surely, that is a good thing?

You are welcome to check out the exercises that form the core of Laughter Yoga.

Not convinced enough to try it? Check out the benefits of laughter via the infographic below. Keep going LOL!

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