5 Man Problems That Should Not Be Ignored

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Aug. 28, 2015

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Men the stronger sex needs to keep a façade alive. He might be seen as suffering from high blood pressure or diabetes or falling to a majestic heart attack that wipes his life out in seconds. Thats manly! However, niggling symptoms like aches and pains along with urine inconsistency and frailty are not considered to be manly enough hence most men ignore the minor health problems they may face especially when they are on the wrong side of 40.

Health experts warn though and advise them to take care of the niggling troubles listed below before it turns into something you cannot control. Do check them out

Erectile Dysfunction

It is just not about not being able to have sex. Doctors say that developing this condition in your 40s may be an indication of an impending heart attack before long. Do check out the video to learn more about this dysfunction and why you cannot afford to ignore it.

Man Boobs

Finding yourself with boobs or breast like enlargement is embarrassing but it might also mean that your liver is damaged or your testicles have stopped working. So, do visit a doctor and get your gynecomastia or moobs treated. It might not be an issue of being overweight at all. Check!

Frequent Urination at Night

It may be a trifle embarrassing but you need to go to your physician, if you need to urinate more at night. You may have an enlarged prostrate or the gland has turned cancerous warns the health professionals. Watch the video to see what it means.

Drinking Excessively

There is something rotten with your system both physically as well as mentally when you start depending on alcohol too much. Watch the video to find out the real cause behind your binge drinking.

Big Toe Pain

Now, you wouldnt normally watch your big toe separately, would you? Yet pain in your big toes is not to be dismissed especially, if you are above 30. It might be indicative of gout, a painful arthritic condition caused by uric acid build up in your body. It is more common in men than women. Watch the video to learn how food can relieve your condition.

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