10 Times Games Frustrated Us Beyond Belief

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May. 21, 2017

Its quite natural for a game to challenge the players, how else would we derive satisfaction from our exploits? Sometimes, however, games take the whole challenge concept to a new level. By new level, we mean impossible. And by impossible, we mean so impossible that we considered quitting forever and spending the rest of our days playing Viva Piñata. But, we didnt, we pushed on, and willingly frustrated ourselves beyond belief with these 10 games.

1 Halo 4 Promethean Knights on Legendary Difficulty
343 Industries took over the series, and whoever concocted the idea of the Promethean Knight deserves all of our twitter rage.

2 Tztok Jad - Runescape
Runescape had its fair share of challenging activities, and most were fairly manageable if the player was leveled up properly with the right gear.

3 Randomly jumping off buildings - Assassins Creed
Assassins Creed made a name for itself partially due to the excellent parkour movement available to the player. It also made a name for itself partially due to the hilariously crappy climbing mechanics available to the player.

4 Follow the damn train CJ!
This mission is quite a pet peeve for so many gamers. Actually gamers probably have more of a major psychotic hatred towards it. The mission seems standard enough, follow the train close enough to let Big Smoke shoot the guys stood on top of it.

We know, we listed QWOP in a different video, but who said we cant copy ourselves? The Simpsons copied themselves a few times. Are you going to call out the Simpsons? Didnt think so. What can we say about QWOP that hasnt been screamed already?

6 Dark Souls Tomb of the Giants
You didnt honestly think we were going to talk about frustrating games without mentioning Dark Souls did you? We simply have to mention the Tomb of the Giants section in the first Dark Souls game.

7 Seymour (the third time) - FFX
For those of us that played Final Fantasy 10, we know Seymour all too well. We had to face him three times. The first and second were manageable, but the third time The third time was a different prospect entirely.

8 The Impossible Game
Its sort of in the name here, the impossible game. Which means it should not be possible to complete. But we gamers are a defiant people, and will not be deterred by a mere name.

9 Beating Oxide in Crash Team Racing
We often claim something to be unfair in a game as an excuse for our own inability to conquer a certain mission, or jump a certain hurdle. Beating N. Oxide in Crash Team Racing, however, is literally unfair.

10 Getting the Scarab Gun - Halo 2
Using the scarab gun in Halo 2 was quite a lot of fun, laying waste to all your foes in ludicrously overpowered fashion. Actually getting to the gun was a frustrating process however.