10 games developed in unexpected countries

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May. 21, 2017

Most of the video games we play nowadays are made by Western or Japanese video game studios. But times are changing and gaming is getting more popular in developing countries as well. Games can be made by anybody anywhere and we are here to prove it! So here are 10 games developed in unexpected countries that are actually played in the west.

Hanuman: Boy Warrior (PS2) - India
During the PS2-era gaming wasnt that much of a thing in India. However, in such a dense society there were a lot of players scattered around all over the country who did play videogames. Though Indian gamers also wanted to play a game that connected with their own culture.

Aurion - Cameroon
Aurion: Legacy of the Kiro-Odan is an action RPG made by the Cameroonian studio Kiroo Games. The studio started a Kickstarter campaign to complete their game in 2015 and the game was eventually released a year later.

Kerbal Space Program - Mexico
Kerbal Space Program is a spaceflight simulation game developed by the Mexican studio Monkey Squad. It came out for PC and Mac and became such a huge indie hit that it was ported to consoles as well. In the popular sandbox mode you have to built a spaceship and launch it successfully into space.

CSI: Hidden Crimes - United Arab Emirates
The Crime Scene Investigation series is pretty big in its own right. It counts more than ten games spanned over the main series and its spin offs. The last game from 2014 called Hidden Crimes and was actually developed in Abu Dhabi which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Rock of Ages Chili
Rock of Ages sounds like a Guitar Hero game but it has nothing to do with music. Rock of Ages is the second game from the Chilean studio ACE team. They got famous with the brilliant first person brawler Zeno Clash. Rock of Ages is a mix of Tower Defense, a Racing game and Marble Madness. Sound weird right?

Broforce - South Africa
Broforce is a game full of Western pop culture, but despite all this the game is made by an African company. Free Lives, the developer of the game, is a studio located in Cape Town, South Africa. They managed to cram a ton of references to muscular movie heroes in their game Broforce.

1979 Revolution: Black Friday Iran
Technically, this game is only partially developed in Iran, but that doesnt make it unsuitable for this list. 1979 Revolution: Black Friday is an interactive adventure drama for PC and mobile platforms. It depicts the city of Tehran during the Iran Revolution of 1979 in which you play the role of a photographer.

Liyla and the Shadows of War - Palestine
Liyla and the Shadows of War is a mobile game that lets you take the role of a Palestine civilian. You are the father of Liyla in modern day Gaza. In the game you have to find your daughter and your wife and make it safely out of the warzone.

Kingdom Rush - Uruguay
Kingdom Rush is one of the best tower defense games on mobile platforms. Its made by Ironhide Game Studio from Montevideo, Uruguay. In the game you have to battle hordes of enemies by creating towers along the road they are marching on.

Nightfall: Escape - The Philippines
Zeenoh is a game studio from the Philippines that made a scary survival horror game for the PC called Nightfall: Escape. The studio even hopped on the VR-bandwagon, by releasing a sequel in which you discover the haunted house in virtual reality.