10 Most Bizarre Bosses In Gaming

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May. 21, 2017

We already made a video about the weirdest bosses in gaming but theres more where that came from. The warped minds of video game developers around the world have given us plenty of crazy enemies over the years. So it was pretty easy to make another list. Get ready for 10 completely bizarre bosses in gaming!

Laura - The Evil Within
The spider woman from The Evil Within is a bizarre boss that just keeps coming back throughout the game. Her completely disgusting design made us shiver every time this abomination appeared.

ManBearPig - South Park: The Stick of Truth
The South Park TV show is built on a mountain of satire and fart jokes. So of course South Park: The Stick of Truth has a couple of weird boss fights. ManBearPig is an optional boss thats really funny.

Gaping Dragon - Dark Souls
The Dark Souls games are full of very creative boss designs. However the developer really outdid themselves with the Gaping Dragon, this thing is just absolutely bizarre in every way imaginable.

Bundt - Super Mario RPG
We bet you never thought you would fight a cake boss. We are not talking about that crappy TV show but about the cake boss called Bundt in Super Mario RPG.

Pyramid Head - Silent Hill series
We might have gotten used to him over the years but Pyramid Head still is one bizarre boss. This muscular figure with a giant pyramid head stalks you throughout the Silent Hill series.

Photoshop Flowey Undertale
You know a boss is weird when he is named after a popular computer program. Photoshop Flowey in Undertale is the final boss at the end of a Neutral playthrough.

Mom - The Binding Of Isaac
The Binding of Isaac is a pretty disturbing twin-stick shooter. You are a child called Isaac who locks himself up in a monster filled basement to hide from his mom.

Final boss - Blazing Star
Blazing Star is a classic shoot em up on the NEO GEO from 1998. This genre is known for its often completely bizarre bosses and Blazing Star doesnt disappoint.

Fernandez - Waku Waku 7
Waku Waku 7 is a Neo Geo fighting game from 1996 that recently got a re-release on the Nintendo Switch. This underrated and virtually unknown SNK fighting game is actually worth playing.

All the bosses - Parodius series
The parodius games are tongue-in-cheek parodies of the Gradius series. We cant believe Konami used to be so cool back in the day that they actually parodied themselves.