8 Amazing Alternative Costumes That Change The Game

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May. 21, 2017

In this video we are looking at alternative costumes that influence gameplay. By that we dont mean armor sets with fire resistance in roleplaying games. The outfits in this video change the way a game plays or looks. Get ready for eight amazing alternative costumes that change the game.

Don Leon Kennedy
If you finished the Separate Ways storyline in the PS2 or Wii version of the game, you would unlock an amazing outfit. Dressed like an Italian mobster Leon Kennedy carries a Tommy Gun with unlimited ammo.

Chicken Snake
This embarrassing unlockable hat changes the gameplay. Fail too often on a mission and Snake will get to wear this hat.

Resident Evil EX Costumes
The game for the Nintendo 3DS does have some interesting unlockable costumes which gives characters more damage and healing.

Parasite Knight
Ayas outfit will tear when she takes too much damage. You can imagine the marketing campaign behind this game. However its also interesting to know that the outfit Aya wears, determines the damage she receives.

Super Dante
The original Devil May Cry series has seen many unlockable costumes over the years. However not all of them influence gameplay as this one does.

Robot Trip
If you preordered the game at Best Buy in the US or Canada, it would come with a costume for Trip.

Mega Man Dead Rising
This game lets you dress up as Mega Man X! You do need to invest some serious time to achieve this though.

Bayonetta Aran
Nintendo had to make the game its own a little bit. Therefore Bayonetta 2 was packed with awesome unlockable costumes like Peach.