10 Ridiculously Overpowered Weapons in Gaming

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May. 21, 2017

Weapon balancing can be quite a difficult task for game developers. Especially when theyre creating an online multiplayer game, so an overpowered weapon is bound to slip through the cracks. And were bound to abuse the ever loving crap out said overpowered weapon. Because who wants to put effort into becoming good at a game when you can just use something that makes you the lord of all destruction and makes you lose all your friends. On that note, here are the 10 ridiculously overpowered weapons in gaming.

1 Warlock Melee - Destiny
You might be thinking this is an odd choice for an overpowered weapon, you must be thinking that close quarter punches can't be effective but the warlock melee in Destiny doesnt really require the close quarters bit.

2 AWP - Counter Strike
A sniper that basically shoots like a canon, erases an enemy with 1 shot. Probably the reason why everyone hates to play against people that use this sniper.

3 Oddjobs Hat - 007 Nightfire
Its not often that a hat can be considered a weapon, let alone an overpowered weapon in this case

4 Sawed off Shotgun - Gears of War 3
The sawed off shotgun in Gears of War 3 is so powerfull, you can almost name it an anti air cannon,

5 Blue Turtle Shell - Mario Kart
The blue turtle shell will end every friendship when playing split screen, probably because it's so overpowered, it will also make you lose your friends.

6 Akimbo Model 1887s - Modern Warfare 2
A shotgun with the range of a carbine, that can't be true? Well it can in Modern Warfare 2. These two shotguns will hit people from miles away.

7 Farsight - Perfect Dark
The Farsight is so overpowered, only sad people that really don't care will dominate this weapon.

8 The Redeemer - Unreal Tournament
A nuke launcher in a game? That can't be balanced. That's not what they thought while making The Redeemer.

9 Grenades - Halo 5
Didn't you know that nukes can be as big as a grenade? Well you will know after playing Halo 5

10 Knights of the Round summon - Final Fantasy VII
The Knights of the Round summon is known as a "kill everything button'' And we definitely agree with that.