10 huge fails by legendary game developers

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May. 21, 2017

In the world of video games there are a few developers that have a legendary status. But despite their brilliance they also made some crappy games. Of course we know that most games are not made by a single person, but still their involvement means a bit of responsibility as well. Here are 10 big failures by respected video game developers.

Peter Molyneux - Godus
Peter Molyneux is one of these developers that talks a lot, but almost never really delivers. He made a lot of great games, but in most cases they were only half of what he promised. Molyneux is known from more or less creating the God-game video game genre.

Tomonobu Itagaki - Devils Third
When we heard of the exclusive Wii U video game project by Itagaki we got our hopes up. This project ultimately became Devils Third, a game we rather not remember playing. Itagaki made stellar games like the Ninja Gaiden revival and the popular Dead or Alive fighting game series.

John Romero - Daikatana
John Romero wanted to make you his bitch with Daikatana. However it turned out to be the other way around. Daikatana was a bad first person shooter on the Nintendo 64 and PC. Its main problem was that it felt dated because of its long development cycle.

Shigeru Miyamoto - Wii Music

Miyamoto is a brilliant video game developer and might even be the biggest and most legendary in the business. Miyamoto is responsible for The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros and lots of other great games and franchises. However, Miyamoto also made some games that are less brilliant and Wii Music is probably his low point.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi - Ninety-Nine Nights
Mizuguchi is known for developing great games like Sega Rally, Space Channel 5 and Rez. The last game he worked on as a producer wasn't that great unfortunately. Ninety-Nine Nights is a fantasy hack and slash game developed for the Xbox 360.

Yuji Naka - Shadow the Hedgehog
Naka is the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, which is of course awesome. However in 2005 the series was dying and Sega thought it needed to be more bad-ass. So Naka produced the next installment himself.

David Perry - Enter the Matrix
David Perry developed a ton of awesome games like Earthworm Jim, MDK and Messiah. However he also developed a movie tie-in called Enter the Matrix. The game was released in 2003 at the time when The Matrix Reloaded came out.

Yu Suzuki - Sonic The Fighters
Suzuki made classic Sega games like Space Harrier, Out Run and After Burner. He is also responsible for early three dimensional games like Virtua Racing and Virtua Fighting. He couldnt do anything wrong until he made Sonic the Fighters.

Shinji Mikami - Dino Crisis 3
Mikami revolutionised the survival horror genre with Resident Evil. He was also responsible for the Dino Crisis franchise. The third Dino Crisis game came out exclusively on the original Xbox and wasnt that great.

Koji Igarashi - Castlevania Judgment
Igarashi is famous for creating several Castlevania games like the fantastic Symphony of the Night. Unfortunately he and Konami also made Castlevania Judgment, an awful fighting game for the Nintendo Wii.