10 most deranged psychopaths in gaming

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May. 21, 2017

Its not often we brand someone as psychotic or a psychopath, but sometimes its just necessary. Just look at Gary Busey. In this case, however, were going to focus more on the psychopaths in video games, seeing as theyre a whole lot more fun. Probably because theyre not real. Just like Gary Busey. Anyway, time to unleash your inner psychopath. Wait, scratch that, please dont. But please do chill out and enjoy the 10 most psychotic bastards in video games. For this video, weve omitted characters like Vaas from Far Cry 3, and the Joker from the Arkham series because weve listed them in a previous video.

1 The Illusive Man - Mass Effect
Well start with someone not quite as psychotic as the rest. If you consider that the Illusive Man tried to infuse humans with Reaper technology to create superior humans, this guy is a good benchmark for how insane the characters on this list are.

2 Trevor Phillips - GTA V
Ah, who could forget the lovable Trevor from our adventures in San Andreas. If one were to describe Trevor in a sentence, it would be Trevor is an entrepreneur who enjoys doing unspeakable things to stuffed animals, expanding his business, and occasionally going on the odd murderous rampage through a trailer park.

3 Pagan Min - Far Cry 4
Pagan Min had the unenviable task of following Vaas in the Far Cry series, and as a result gone quite under the radar in terms of villains. That doesnt make him any less of a maniac with murderous tendencies.

4 Dr. Richtofen - Call of Duty: World at War
Up next is Dr. Edward Richtofen, the deeply disturbed scientist from the Call of Duty zombies franchise. Its quite fitting that hes named after the famous world war one pilot, The Red Baron. Both successful killers.

5 Deadpool - Deadpool
Who doesnt love themselves a bit of the merc with a mouth? Constantly spouting topical pop culture references and breaking the fourth wall, Deadpool really is a likeable character. Until you take into account the fact that he has quite the appetite for turning people into human kebabs using his blades.

6 GLaDoS - Portal 1-2
Ok, she may not exactly be human, but GLaDoS is based on a human and shes a highly advanced AI, so close enough. At first glance, GLaDoS incessant need to put you through countless tests could be explained away as her programming dictating it.

7 Piggsy - Manhunt
What more can be said about an overweight man wearing a pigs head for a mask, communicating in short simple words, and murdering people with a chainsaw. Really, what more can be said? We dont know. This guy surpasses the psychotic and enters the realm of the surreal and deranged.

8 Harley Quinn - Batman Arkham Knight
Another comic book entry, and one we simply cannot ignore either. You may be thinking that the Joker is the obvious psychopath in the Arkham series, but really, we think Harley Quinn deserves some recognition here.

9 Marcus/Needles Kane - Twisted Metal
Yes, its another killer clown. But with It being rebooted, it seems only logical to shamelessly cash in on the killer clown hype train. Enter, Needles Kane. Not to be confused with Citizen Kane. Needles can be recognised, among other things, by his flaming head and clown mask. A unique look by all accounts.

10 You, the Gamer
The last entry here is a bit different. Its you, the gamer. You psychotic bastard. How many people have you ruthlessly and brutally murdered in your video game exploits? You probably even mowed all those people down in the airport mission on Call of Duty, even though the game never asked you to.

And on that depressing bombshell, its time to end, thank you so much for watching, see you next week! Good night! Wait Thats the ending to Top Gear. Lets try again. And those are the 10 devious psychopaths in video games. Did we miss any of your favourites? Let us know in the comments, and be sure to like, share, and subscribe for more psychotic joy here at ZoominGames.