Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is focusing your attention in specific ways to accomplish separate objectives. For example, one method of focusing attention will help you to relax, another will help you to get into touch with the intuitive faculty of your Soul, yet another method will make you aware of your spirit. You can employ a variety of techniques to accomplish meditation. It is not just reciting a mantra mechanically, or watching your breath come and go. It is much more. You need to coordinate your meditation techniques, so that you can achieve the real inner development the development you can see, feel and touch to make yourself sure of.

Meditation is the science related to Human Consciousness. It integrates the mind, body, the vital life energy and the Soul and shows us the path for attaining our full mental potential. Even many great persons in the world had used only twenty percent of their mental capacity. Yet an overwhelmingly vast majority of ordinary masses use only ten percent, or even less, of their mental capacity, the rest remain latent and dormant for want of use. But through methods of meditation, the seeker can successfully learn to use his hidden, latent mental capacities for his multiple advantages, spiritual, physical as well as material. Meditation is the only process through which these sleeping powers within oneself can be awaken and are brought to use, provided that the seeker has an earnest wish and intense desire to achieve the target. Once these mental and spiritual powers within oneself are awakened, one stops fighting with his tools, blaming the world and entire creation of God for his personal miseries. Then, the seeker gets maximum in his life, achieves the best academic results, becomes a great scholar, a great leader, earns a big money the housewives stop fighting with the family members and enjoy peace and also achieve greater self-expression.

According to the Hindu scriptures, The meditation establishes the Selfs direct contact with the - the most luminous part of our Being--Pure Consciousness--a state that gives us undisturbed peace and tranquility and provides fullness to all aspects of life. It brings our attention to the most orderly state of our mind - The State of Perfect Equilibrium. This enables us to have an extremely coherent and integrated state of mind and body, to make a positive and even platform within our Self to attain a quantum jump for rapid evolution in life.

Meditation also helps restoring naturalness, efficiency and effectiveness in the functioning of the human nervous system. It eliminates negativity from our mind and revitalizes the physiology for attaining higher level of creativity, stability and success in life. We, then, start glowing with the positive energy and become at peace with ourselves. Then the elixir of calmness is tasted not only by our mind, but also by already over-wrought nervous system. Through the meditation, we experience the cool relaxed state of our mind and the entire nervous system. In todays stressful life, people are generally faced with so many anxieties, tensions and depressions that take their own massive toll. Still the meditation neutralizes the accumulated load of these strains.

These meditation techniques start helping the seekers gain active control of their attention gradually of the spirit and the energies of the Inner Being. Through this means, a seeker:

-Establishes links with his Inner Being, thus feel the inner source of immense strength,

-Liberates the spirit from pain, distress and despair,

-Brings within reach the potentials of love, wisdom, and power within the Super Consciousness,

-Opens up the fountain of amazing intuitive wisdom,

-Opens up the new abilities to express through his personality.