IDEA World 2013 Fitness Convention

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Aug. 13, 2013

I went to the IDEA world Fitness Convention 2 years ago and met up with old friends, met new friends, new ways to exercise, and saw some awesome new challenging and functional fitness products. I can't wait to see what is new for 2013, so I'm going to film it and show you because I know not everyone of you can attend.

Rock 360
check this out, I found this interesting - a variation of the powerwheel the new Rock 360. A power wheel with freedom to go in any direction with some cool features to integrate your smartphone and apps to direct your movement. Very Cool and challenging!

Parkour generations
You think Parkour has caught on yet? Just in case you had any doubts I think you will be seeing more of this show up in the fitness world in the very near future.

Free Fly
And now we have some perfect pushups on steroids with complete free motion because there are rollers under the pushup handles for complete freedom.

TRX has a new DVD out called Leaner, Faster Stronger where my buddy Pete Holman delivers some killer workouts. As usual, TRX is delivering great products which you could find on my site.

Here is a very cool piece of equipment from Mark Lebert - they are tall parallettes which give you lots of options of things to do like dips as well as underbar exercises like rowing.

Indo Yoga Board
Indo Board has a new Yoga Board for all you Yogis out there to add another dimension of instability to your yoga routine. It is also a great way to practice your balance for Stand UP Paddle if you guys are interested in that. Add a Rip trainer and there is no better way to train offseason.

That is what I found interesting at IDEA 2013, and you know what else is interesting? I have a new website - Fitness On The Check it out and pick yourself up a "workout Shirt" and a water bottle. Also, Leave me your questions in the comments below for another Ask Jon Anything next week where I will answer your questions. If you missed my gymnastics stretching routine video from last week you can see that right here.