Yoga For Beginners In Tamil - Ardhakati Chakrasana - Lateral Arc Posture

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Jun. 15, 2017

ArdhaKati Chakra Asana
Steps -
Stand erect with your hands at the side.
As you inhale, slowly raise your right hand.
When you come to 90 turn your palm upwards.
Continue to raise your arm while inhaling deeply until your biceps touch your right ear.
Give a full side stretch.
Exhale, look at your fingers.
Inhale, slowly come back.
Exhale and bring your arms down to Stithi position.
Now repeat this with your left arm.
Elasticity of lateral region increases.
Lateral thoracic muscles are stretched and blood supply to them increases.
Hip joints become flexible and excess fat around the waist reduces.
Relieves from back pain, constipation and good for flat foot.