Yoga for Beginners - Chakra Awareness With Hastha Mudra - Energizes Pituitary Gland

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Jun. 15, 2017

Chakra Awareness With Hastha Mudra -
Sit in Vajra Asana, from the Vajra Asana stretch your arms upwards and join your palms together in the Anjali Mudra.
Whole back is given an excellent stretch in this pose. The entire pranamaya kosha as well as the Sahasrara Chakra and all the higher chakras and that exist above it are energized by this mudra.
Slowly bring your hands down to your head with your wrist touching the top of your head thus forming a beautiful triangular frame for your face. This is Kailash Mudra that energises the sahasrara chakra. When the hands are brought down from the Kailash mudra and placed in front of your forehead we can energise our ajna chakra or centre of inner intuition. This energises our Pituitary Gland that is the master conductor of our endocrine orchestra. This helps us to obtain excellent glandular Health. As we bring the Namaskar Mudra in front of the neck we can feel energetic vibrations that recharges vishuddha chakra and normalise our thyroid function. When the namaskar mudra brought down to the chest region we feel the healing energies, Flood through our Anahatha or heart chakra. Thus this sequence of mudra helps us to recharge the psychic battery of our Pranamaya kosha produces health and wellbeing at all levels of our existence.