Get Ready To Stand On Your Head: The Ultimate Fantasy Of Every Yogi

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Aug. 31, 2015

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Standing on the head is a pose that has been envied by many throughout history. Yes the Sirsasana or headstand is a yoga posture that you can perfect some day. But do not try to do it on Day 1 please! It will not work and you will only end up hurting yourself. The headstand is for seasoned yogis and you require years of practice before you can even try to do it.

Remember that a proper warm up is necessary too. Focus your attention a little lower than your head for starters. Yes, it is the shoulders. They are not moving too much while you work at your desk the whole day. A strong shoulder is needed to support a strong head and you certainly need your shoulders to obey your commands when you decide to go upside down (i.e. on your head).

Come on, try this "shoulder prehabs before you feel ready to stick your feet up and wiggle them in the air. They are sure to help your shoulders shoulder the burden. Watch how you have to go about it.

Are you confident enough to try the headstand now? Learn the basics first! Watch!

No worries, if you fail. Theres always a next time. Keep trying! Good Luck!

Image Credit: workouttrends