Group High Intensity Interval Training - HIIT Training with Heart Zones Smart Heart System

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Dec. 30, 2014

Cool new way to do group exercise where everyone is on an even playing field tracking Heart Rate with the Heart Zones Smart System and Scosche Rhythm

Jon: Today Im back here at the park with my buddy Chris to demonstrate something WE find really interesting in the realm of fit tech - for the future of Fitness and Sport. There are all kinds of high intensity interval training programs out there and new gyms popping up all over the place doing High Intensity Interval workouts. So I think this is a relevant time to demonstrate the Heart Zones Smart Heart System which displays groups of individuals Heart rates on a Screen - either an iPad, Television, or projector. Chris: The system can collect Hundreds of Users heart rates and assign a color to each box for each user. The color represents what Heart Rate Zone the user is currently in which is based on that users Maximum Heart Rate. The Heart Zones From Low to High are Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, and Red. At each different zone your body is burning different combinations of fuels, and depending on what your specific goals are, you want to work in the appropriate zone. This makes it easy for spinning instructors, PE Teachers, or whoever is teaching whatever class to determine exactly how intense each individual in the group is working, and adjust the level of intensity of the class to the exact zone they are supposed to be in. Jon: For you tech nerds like myself out there, the hardware works as follows - Chris and I are collecting heart rate data from the scosche rhythm which transmits heart rate data either through ANT or Bluetooth Smart. In this case, the ANT transmitter connects to a little receptor bridge called a WASP. The WASP collects all the ANT heart rate data and then sends it to a display like this iPad via WiFi. The WASP Unit can also collect data from other sensors like Cadence, Power and steps and display those data fields on each users box on the display. This data gives coaches, trainers, and teachers some very useful data about how intense their classes are working on a easy to read display. Chris and i are going to briefly demonstrate the system here at the park doing some calisthenics, but this is really designed for specific programming of small, medium, or large groups. I think youll get the idea though. Chris: For the demonstration, well do simple 30 second intervals of work and rest well watch our heart rates move according to our specific maximum Heart Rates. So, this was just a quick example of how you can use technology to enhance your workout and make sure you are working smart. Which leads me to my question of the day, which is what is your favorite wearable fitness device? I can tell you sincerely I am really enjoying wearing the scosche rhythm during my workouts and bike rides. But thats just me.