Crossropes Weighted Jumpropes Workout

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Aug. 25, 2014

Jumproping is a killer workout that can be integrated into your workout for cardio, warmup, or a great finisher to make sure you are completely done with your workout. I used to do lots of jumprope when training for gymnastics and I used it primarily for plyometric training - to strengthen my body for bounding elements on the floor. Boxers use it for foot speed training and endurance, and even older women can do it for a weight bearing activity to prevent osteoporosis. There - a little bit of benefit for everyone.

Today, Im going to introduce you to an example jumprope workout using these crossropes which are various weighted jumpropes with interchangeable handles. Im doing to do timed intervals and for popularities sake well just do intervals of 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for rest over 4 minutes - This is just an example of what you can do - feel free to set your own interval times on numerous interval timer apps you can download. Also, feel feel free to integrate other exercises into the timer, not just jumpropes. Ill track my heart rate using my Scosche Rhythm and Ill alternate between 2 different weights of the jumprope going between the Red Rope that is .75lbs with the speed handles and 3lb titan cable with the Rugged larger handle. This will give you an example of two different weights and how one is for speed and one is for strength. Im going to do this circuit on the Fitnessmat by wellnessmat and the dense foam structure of the mat will be nice to jump on and will protect the vinyl on the crossropes from being damaged- but you can do this on a rubber floor or carpet as well, but you want to avoid doing this on cement which will damage the coating of the cross ropes. So grab your ropes and do this with me!!!Go!2010 Red2010 Titan2010 Red2010 Titan2010 Red2010 Titan2010 Red2010 TitanSo that was killer! Im loving these crossropes! You can see the changes in speed between the explode red cable and the titan heavy cable. One completely unexpected result from the weighted crossropes has been that my wrists and forearms have been getting really sore. In a good way! Also, the first few times I did it my calves got really sore which surprised me because I do a ton of bike riding, but this is just different. Could be the effect of the cushiness of the FitnessMats which kind of deadens your bounce and adds some difficulty there as well.Lots of fun, and as you can see with my Rhythm there are some great intervals here for heart rate. Which leads me to my question of the day for you which is Do YOU use Jumpropes in your workout? And Why? What do you like about it? If you havent tried the crossropes yet, I highly recommend them and you can find them on my site I also have the new fitness mats by wellness mat and Rhythm there as well. Thank you for subscribing to my youtube channel where I post new videos when I get a chance. If you guys like these jump rope circuits Ill post more of these workouts because this is a lot of fun. You can get your set of Crossropes here on my store. Im Jon Ham from fitness on the run and Ill see you guys soon!