How to Learn a Gymnastics Planche

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Jun. 09, 2014

A planche is a straight armed horizontal hold that gymnasts usually do on the floor or rings and can come in many forms - either straddle or a more difficult legs together. This is not an easy move, and it takes gymnasts years of practice to be able to do it well. It takes plenty of balance and strength to do a good planche, and that takes lots of time to develop. This is a planche - believe it or not. This is a wine holder that is pretty cool, but it completely represents what a planche is - balance, and strength. You can see the weight is offset on the wine bottle, but the center of gravity is completely balanced in the center. If the wine bottle were heavier toward the base of the bottle, the wine holder would have to be longer to compensate for that weight. So, back to the planche it is the same idea - you need to lean your shoulders over your wrists to balance out the weight from your lower body. And, your shoulders need to be strong enough to support that weight. That's usually the hang up. So how do you learn a planche? I say it over and over again, practice. But don't just practice jumping up to a planche, you need to do lots of stuff - I think the first thing to practice is a press to handstand.