Thailand 2017 - Bangkok And Chiang Mai Food, Elephants, Temples

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Mar. 09, 2017

Bangkok and Chiang Mai were our destinations for our 1 year anniversary. This was one of the most spiritual journeys I've ever been on. The obvious highlight was the food but an unexpected one was when we got blessed by a monk, having traveled a couple hours out of the city to visit his temple. It was one of the top 5 moments of my life and needless to say, it was just one of the few times I cried like a baby on this trip. If you'd like me to compile a separate blog post on this, just let me know. Check out my Chiang Mai post on Monday! I was so moved by just being in Thailand. The people are kind and always have a smile to share and there can be beauty found all around, from the busy streets in Bangkok to quieter ones in Chiang Mai.