Deceptive Fad Weight-Loss Advertising Crackdown

Deceptive Fad Weight-Loss Advertising Crackdown -Fad Weight-Loss Products Sensa and Three Other Marketers Settle FTC Charges. claims simply shake, eat, and lose weight - Not so much says Registered Dietitian Sarah Krieger. Sensa must return 26.5 million dollars back to its customers.

Registered Dietitian Sarah Krieger says you can't rely on products to keep weight loss off. Sarah recommends spending money on healthier food choices and commit to making a permanent lifestyle change.

Some weight loss products may give you a jump start, but to continue to spend money on these products to maintain the weight loss is not sustainable.
Sarah's clients who have lost 100 or more pounds and kept that weight off have three things in common:

1. Eats Breakfast Daily
2. Exercises Every Day
3. Don't Skip Meals is a short video show, hosted by Registered Dietitian Sarah Krieger, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. The show is filled with information about eating healthy, grocery shopping tips, feeding kids, family meal planning, cooking tips, food fads, and more.