Ashton Kutcher's Fruit Diet Makes Him Sick

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Have you ever heard anyone falling sick of eating too much fruit? Well, Ashton Kutcher managed to do just that when he went on a fruit-heavy diet, while preparing for the role of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs in the upcoming movie Jobs.

Steve Jobs is known to have adopted fruit diet from the book Mucusless Diet Healing System written by German health expert Arnold Ehret. As part of his preparation, Kutcher also started consuming the things that Jobs admired. One of the things taught in the book was the value of grape sugar and how it was probably the only form of pure sugar that you could consume.

As is evident, the diet turned out to be too hard on Ashton, whose insulin levels went for a toss and his pancreas also got pretty messed up. Even at that point of time, Kutcher didnt know what was wrong.

However, eventually, he was able to figure out that the author of the book really didnt know what he was writing about and out went the fruit diet.

Fortunately, Ashton has shown no signs of delving into Jobs 1970s dabbling in recreational drugs like LSD and marijuana. Otherwise, the effect of that would have been even more profound.

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