Osbournes Star Sharon Opts For Atkins Diet

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Sharon Osbourne, the Television Diva and judge of X Factor is happy to embrace Atkins Diet now. She revealed that her body does not really process high carb foods well hence she needed to try out something that she can live with comfortably along with losing the right amount of weight. "I've struggled with my weight for years, and I wanted a diet plan that would ensure I look and feel great," disclosed the Osbournes Star. No sugar and carbs for her thank you very much she stated before going on to let us know that she desired to take 25 pounds off her frame before she hit her 60s. What about the low cholesterol and additional health problems that comes with the diet then? She is totally healthy Sharon emphasizes and has already managed to lose a whopping 11 pounds. Wow! Thats almost half the deed done! Kudos to the lady for sticking up for her belief and deciding on the right diet. We hope to see a lean and sexy Sharon blazing the small screen once again.

Image Credit- kompormbeldok.blogspot