Hip Hop King Channing Tatum's Diet Plan

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Aug. 21, 2012

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Channing Tatum, the delightful dancer who entralled us with those thrilling moves in the movie 'Step Up' should give some credit to his diet. He is not only blessed with drop dead good looks but also has an amazing body to go with it. Lets find out if it is his diet that makes this dancing sensation so light on his feet!

Channing Tatum Diet

What you eat is what you are! This holds true in Channings case as the major credit to how he looks goes to his diet. Channings diet is mainly high proteinand low to medium intake of carbohydrates, with some fats to maintain the balance of hormones. His diet had meat and vegetables full of starch. Starch was taken post and prior to his workout for faster muscle recovery. Tatum reduced the intake of carbohydrates in order to lose weight in a short period of time, this way the body starts burning fat faster in lack of enough carbohydrates.

Channing under the guidance of histrainer starts with fight training in the morning for about for 2 hours. As he had a taxing routine in the first half of the day most of his carbohydrates were consumed in that first half when the body utilizes most of the energy for carrying out the everyday tasks.The other half of the day needs less energy so he had more of vegetables, some low fat dairy products, nuts and lean meatfor proteins.

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Channing Meal Breakdown

Slices of orange

Vegetable omelet

Multigrain Toast

Morningstar Sausage patties (vegetarian)


Slices of apple

Unsalted mixed nuts


Grilled barbecue

Chicken Breast

Sweet Potato


Afternoon Snack

String cheese and unsalted mixed nuts.


A turkeyburger



Evening Snacks

Yogurt and unsalted almonds

Jell-o cup if he had craving for sweets

He did not necessarily follow this routine as a ritual but mostly stuck to this plan. The main aim is to eat balanced meal. Besides all this Channing sometimes gorges on

whole wheat pizza with grilled broccoli and chicken as topping

Turkey bacon cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries

Turkey lasagna made with multigrain pasta with some low fat sauces and cheese
All this added variety to his food and made the diet enjoyable.

Channings diet seems like a lot of fun. You can have all you like but with a little healthy twist to it and in moderation. Season your food with a little less of salt and oil, that way you would enjoy your favorite food sans the calories. Try different healthy variations and variety with your diet and have fun with your diet while toning up like Channing!

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