Katie Holmes Scientology Diet-Clearing Her Body Or Her Life?

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Katies die-hard diet regimen comprised of fasting and intake of only water, juice, colonics, niacin and minerals. Downing this Detox diet even made Katie miss her Oscars show of 2009 and finally ended in her split with Tom. This made me all the more curious to know more about Katies diet and its dreadful disasters. Looks like Katie and Tom Cruise are fighting Kats and toms over their daughter Suri. Ever since I heard that Katie Holmes is going to part ways with her hubby Tom Cruise, I have been following this interesting storyline, being a great fan of both. I was specially piqued by Katies diet regime modeled on the Scientology beliefs of Tom.

Now I hear that Tom had made Katie go all out on a slimming spree, crashing in on a strict vegetable diet. Imagine having raw broccoli for breakfast and lettuce leaves for lunch. No wonder Katie looked as scrawny as a scarecrow!

Scientology Diet For Katie?
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The grapevine is buzzing with rumors of Tom having subjected Katie to his Scientology beliefs, thrusting them on to her even on her diet program. She is said to have been on a bizarre detoxification program called Clear Body, Clear Mind that used a regime of Spartan diet, rigorous exercise, saunas and vitamins to purge the toxins from her body. I believed she lost a whopping 10kg and was only 52kg on her 175 cm frame with her BMI teetering on the underweight threshold. Worse still, Tom is supposed to have insisted on thrusting the Scientology beliefs onto Suri which Katie resisted on. She simply couldnt have her first-born being subjected to detox programs and purification rituals which would steal the joy of child hood from her little one. This Clearing Mind stuff made Katie so clear about what she wanted that she probably told Tom to clear out!!!

I wouldnt blame Katie at all. For one, just imagine you being ridiculed for letting your little one lick an ice cream or two. Apparently the Church of Scientology which Tom followed insists on children embarking on a low fat, sweet-free diet from the age of five. Poor Suri and poorer Katie! No wonder she couldnt tolerate being ridiculed as a bad parent just because she fed her kid an ice cream or two! Chocolate and Candy are as much part of a kids life like laughter and smiles and every kid has a right to both. If this was the reason for the split, it is truly a big hit. Way to go, Katie!

Now, at last, Katie has gotten out of these dreadful diet doctrines and started living to the fullest. She is out of those conservative and drab outfits that Tom made her wear and is dressing to the hilt. She looks smart and stylish than ever before and deserves it.

Tom is busy making his film called Oblivion a title which probably indicates the status of marital bliss he would soon get into. But lucky for Katie, she is out with just a scrape with just a few kilos off. I believe she lots to gain apart from the weight like her health, happiness and a good hearty life that she was deprived of. Good Luck, Katie you need it!!!

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