Reese On A New Diet Release

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An Academy Award winner, a TV and Film producer and a Philanthropist, Reese Witherspoon dons many caps. Yet she is physically fit and agile owing to her near-perfect diet and active exercise regimen. An industrious worker, Reese deserves more than just a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Always looking ravishing on the red carpet, Reese is just the person flashbulbs pop out for. Lets have a look into Reeses new diet release.

Reese and her perfect diet

For the perfectly slender and athletic boy with the curves in all the right places, Reese follows a strict diet and exercises great control over her eating habits. Her well-balanced diet comprises of all the nutrients in the right proportions. Instead of gorging on a meal, Reese prefers to take in small portions at short intervals. Breakfast for Reese may comprise of yoghurt with fruit while lunch may include a salad or veggie-pack stir-fried. The dinner that Reese downs has chicken or fish.

Reeses weight gain and loss

Soon after her divorce from Ryan Philippe, Reese went on a binging spree and gained some kilos. Bu she was quick to recover and went on a dieting routine that got her back to normal. Her trick was to have healthy, flavored meal sin moderation and work out more to shed the extra kilos rather than shunning any diet. With 5 small meals/ snacks in the day, Reese kept her tummy tucked full. Her breakfast had oatmeal with cinnamon and apple and lunch was curried chicken salad. Midway snacks were bits of cottage cheese or fruits or celery sticks with non-fat dips. For dinner, Reese had salmon, quinoa and salad

Reese-always in shape

Reeses former fitness trainer till 2011, Michael George compliments Reese as being always in shape when he met her. He claims that he just helped her in fine tuning her fitness routine. He prescribed clean and healthy small meals and snacks daily and asked her to cut down on alcohol consumption .He also suggested she do cardio for half an hour daily for 6 times a week.

Reeses diet secret is in the fridge!
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Yes, Reeses seek and svelte figure is admittedly due to frozen desserts, fruits and fatless yoghurt which she has at regular intervals to keep hunger pangs at bay. These frozen delicacies are not only filling but also refreshing and revitalizing with their high protein and fiber content.

Is Reese into Baby Food?

Rumors have it that Reese along with Jennifer Aniston is trying to down baby food like mashed potatoes and soggy banana pulp to stay slim. Baby food is supposed to be wholly nutritious being totally veggie but as far as the slimming effect goes the answer is in doubt.

Reese and her pregnancy cravings

Married to Jim Toth in March 2011, Reese already the number of 2 is expecting her third child and first one form Jim. Reportedly Reese is suffering from bizarre pregnancy cravings and is demanding food at all odd hours. To quote a reliable source-"Reese has been waking up at 3am and craving seaweed smoothies, pickles and peanut butter all together, plus chicken wings smothered in barbecue sauce. In the day, she only wants bananas and strawberry yoghurt - by the liter! She usually sticks to a healthy diet, so she's hoping the cravings stop soon."

Quoting Reese

I love to cook comfort food. I'll make fish and vegetables or meat and vegetables and potatoes or rice. The ritual of it is fun for me, and the creativity of it.

For our first date, I made Ryan Hamburger Helper, which is basically what I grew up on. I make my own version of it now, with macaroni and cheese and hamburger meat. And the kids - it's their favorite dinner.

Whatever the reason or rumor maybe, Reese is an individual who believes in maintaining her body fit and works out rigorously towards that. If not, how could she have starred as a circus artist in Water for Elephants? So there is no worrying about Reese, she sure knows how to take care of her fitness and diet.

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