Kate Winslet Faces The World With Her Face Diet

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Kate Winslet has been the symbol of wholesome and full-rounded beauty without any tendency towards skinniness. How does Kate manage to look both healthy and beautiful? Is it her famed face diet or something else?

Kate's Face Diet

Recently Kate arrived at the Oscar awards-2011 looking slimmer than her usual self. She is said to have moved on to a Face Diet recommended by Elizabeth Gibaud. According to her, the pigmentation, stretch and strains on a face clearly reveal the healthiness of a person. One should consume a healthy diet based on facial analysis like Kate. The standard Facial diet that Kate follows is 1 whole bread slice and 1 grapefruit with tea or coffee devoid of sugar and milk. Lunch is a medley of non-fat meat salami with tomatoes and bread. Dinner is seafood with salad and seasonal vegetables.
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What Makes Kate Unique?

Kate is indeed a breath of fresh air among the usual Hollywood hypocrites. She refuses to allow Hollywood to dictate terms on her weight and figure. She is candid enough to admit that she was overweight as a teen and has no qualms about displaying her well-endowed figure. In February 2003, the British GQ magazine tried to morph her image into a thinner and leaner figure. Kate reacted vehemently by dismissing it saying It wasn't that they simply retouched my image they completely stretched it so I looked like I was 6 feet tall and a size 2. I'm a size 6 or 8 these days. I just didn't want people to think I was a hypocrite and that I'd suddenly lost 30 lbs or whatever. It requires a lot of pluck for a celebrity to reveal your true size and weight in public and stick to it. It looks like Kate Winslet has a bundle of the steely English nerves. Bravo!

Winslet, in fact, goes a step even further by saying she is happy with being size 6 or 8. She adds-For me, that's normal. I don't need to be less than that. When I started having children six years ago, my body settled into itself. And I think that happens for most women when they have kids. Your hormones really settle down. So I've stayed at the same weight for a while now. I just don't worry about my weight anymore. I notice it, if I've enjoyed a Christmas vacation and I've had too many glasses of Champagne or too many canaps. But I don't avoid anything, and I'm not a fanatic. I think that's a miserable, terrible way to live your life.

Kate is brutally frank when it comes to criticizing Hollywood on its weight-obsession. It seems to me that Hollywood is breeding a whole new generation of anorexics. I look at people and I want to say, 'Look, it's all right. You can eat something.'". She even vetoes plastic surgery or liposuction for herself saying-"I don't think I will because as I get older, I'm becoming more relaxed about body image.... My body does not dominate my thoughts. My day is not spent thinking about ab crunches!"

By far, Kate has expressed unequivocal anathema towards diets and believes in eating real food and enjoying it to the most. As she puts it in her own words-I think I've become something of a role model because I came out and said, 'Hey, I've got a normal shape.' ...It's important for me to stand by the fact that I eat real food and am not on a diet every day."
Good for you, Kate that you stick to your weight and views till date. Let us hope we can do so too and live life to the fullest like you.

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