Beyonce Knowles Bouncing Back To Shape

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Beyonce had lot of struggles in her personal and professional life and had to grapple with several things including her diet. Beyonce Knowles is known to the world as an accomplished artist- a talented singer, an attractive actress and a Solo singer who used to be in the great group Destiny child .But there is more to it that meets the eye with Beyonce.

Unlike some celebrities, Beyonce makes no bones about the fact that she was fat as a teenager. She is candid enough in saying-When I was around 10 or 11, my mother gave me this really ugly haircut and I was really, really chubby. So chubby that my family used to all lay me down flat so they could zip up my jeans. It took four of them and I would lie there on the bed while they all got to it.

Beyonce Diet and Work Out Regime

Through diligent hard work, conscious dieting and rigorous work-outs, Beyonce has turned into a swan from the ugly duckling she was. Right from the age of 16, when she clinched the soul diva character in Dream girls, Beyonce had to pay attention to acquiring a slim and sexy figure to support her star cast. She underwent on a Master Cleansing Diet comprising of just fluid intake and no solids. In this rigorous regime advocated by Stanley Burroughs, Beyonce downed a concoction made of Lime juice, Maple Syrup, water and Cayenne pepper. Along with laxative tea at night and sea saltwater as enema in the morning, this purgative process flushed the intestines and cleaned the digestive system. Ideally taken for a week- 10 days, this crash diet procedure is followed by a course of fruits and vegetables to revitalize the body.

Talking of this diet plan, Beyonce remarks-"My nutritionist suggested the only way to do that was the maple syrup diet fast. As soon as it was over, I gained the weight back." Beyonce adds that she was happy to return to her regular eating patterns after ending the Master Cleanse diet fast. Yet Beyonce is known to embark on this Master Cleanse procedure every now and then, to keep her curvaceous body slim and toned.

Since Beyonce admits to have an inclination towards a thick body, she is conscious of sustaining a sexy figure by such strict Master Cleanse diets, regular work-outs, dance sessions and light eats. To avoid bulging, Beyonce sticks to a diet of low carbs and fats and high protein with fiber like lean meats and veggies. For lunch, she munches on salads of tomato and cucumber.

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Recently after baby Blue Ivys birth, Beyonce has swung back to her svelte form with a 60 pounds weight. All due to a strict diet of plant-eats like lettuce and a torturous treadmill session, Beyonce is back to being beautiful and has been voted among the most Beautiful people by Peoples magazine.

Despite being a dedicated devotee of the Master Cleanse Program, Beyonce wont suggest it to anyone else as she says-There are healthier ways to lose weight I wouldnt recommend it."She would rather stick to a watchful diet and regular exercise rather than starvation routines.

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