Nicole Scherzinger's Diet and Fitness Secrets

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Nov. 25, 2011

"fid":"556218","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"Nicole looking stunning","title":"Nicole looking stunning","style":"width: 300px height: 450px border-width: 2px border-style: solid margin: 6px float: left","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"Nicole Scherzinger best known for being the lead vocalist of Pussycat Dolls, and currently the judge on The X Factor, has revealed her diet and fitness secrets. She spoke to a leading magazine publication company recently. Lets find out what she had to say.

Diet Secrets

Nicoles mantra is to be regular, constant, and dedicated at whatever she is trying to achieve. She added by saying, My new motto is to stay active, eat everything in moderation, and stop being so tough on myself. Nicoles diet consists of lean meats and whole food, she admits that she eats a lot of food, and makes a point to eat on time even with her tight and busy schedule.

Her diet food contains :-

Soft boiled eggs

Smoked salmon

Whole-wheat toast for breakfast

Cold cuts

Veggies and fruit for lunch

Chicken or fish with rice and more vegetables for dinner.


Nicole loves jogging and dancing, she says that dancing is the best way for her to shred some extra pounds, and she also follows a resistance workout for her arms and abs, which clearly have done wonders for her. She trains with celebrity trainer Adam Ernster who makes Nicole do crunches on an exercise ball, which helps to tone the abs. She also dances, does squats and lunges to tone her legs.

Final Verdict on Nicole Scherzingers Diet And Fitness

Nicoles diet secrets are eating high protein food and balancing diet by eating veggies and fruits too. Her fitness secrets are having a regular workout routine, and not missing a single day of workout no matter how busy she is. Her diet and fitness regime looks, and can be followed by everyone who is looking to develop toned abs and legs.

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