Bill Clinton- The Latest Vegan In Town

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The former United States President Bill Clinton is back in news, and this time surprisingly there are no controversies involved. Clinton, who recently turned 65, said that he is a vegan now, and has made peace with non vegetarian food. Clinton told CNN I like the vegetables, the fruits, the beans, stuff I eat now
If you are wondering how a die-hard junk food lover turned into a vegan suddenly, there are no surprises here as health has been a major issue in Clintons life. He had experienced periodical heart problems which lead to a Quadruple Bypass surgery in 2004. This brought about a drastic change in Clintons lifestyle. The Ex-President, not only has lost 20 pounds, but also seems to be feeling good and more energetic.
Its hard to believe that he is the same person who was known to crave for barbeque food, and also visited McDonalds every now and then. Clinton said no to meat, eggs, dairy and almost all oily and fat laden dishes now.
Bill Clinton joins the long list of celebrities that have turned vegetarian, which include Alicia Silverstone, Mike Tyson, and Robin Williams, to name a few
I hope Clintons attempt to live a healthy lifestyle works in his favor. In a way its good that he is creating awareness amongst his supporters about the benefits of a vegan diet.

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