Alyssa Milano Diet

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Now we know that the Charmed actress Alyssa Milano, 38, is pregnant. Alyssa Milano and her husband are expecting their first child, a baby boy, in September '11. The Hall Pass actress has denied having any strange and 'outrageous' food cravings. She says that the Alyssa Milano diet hasn't changed much and she continues to be a vegetarian. Let's take a sneak peak at Alyssa Milanos pregnancy diet.

Alyssa Milano Diet:

Alyssa Milano is a vegetarian who is obsessed with everything green. Her diet is in a lot of limelight because she is pregnant now. Apart from being a vegetarian, she also has a green thumb. She has a garden where she grows her own vegetables, and they often find their way to her plate. A little birdie told me that she grows spinach, tomatoes, cauliflower, beets, peas, green beans, arugula and broccoli. She often uses these vegetable to make salads and other dishes, everyday. Im still craving boring things like broccoli and pizza, which isnt much different from my normal diet, Alyssa Milano told the People magazine in an interview. The only 'outrageous' pregnancy food cravings that she has of now are for pickles and broccoli.

Exact details about the pregnant Alyssa Milanos physical fitness regimen are not known. Before she got pregnant, she used to run for 3 miles a day. She wanted to play it safe during her first trimester and did not do anything to jeopardize the pregnancy. But she has been spotted going on walks ever since she her first trimester was over. This shows that she is doing her best to keep herself physically fit.

Final Word on the Alyssa Milano Diet:

Being a new vegetarian and being pregnant can be difficult. If Alyssa Milano can do it, so can a lot of women out there. To prevent food cravings, doctors advise women to have balanced meals. Pregnant women must make sure that they are getting enough protein from plant based food sources. They should also take sufficient vitamin and mineral supplements. It is also important for pregnant women to be physically active. You can indulge moderate intensity physical activities like going on long walks, aerobics, and yoga. However, always do everything under the supervision of your doctor, if you are pregnant.

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