Drew Barrymore Diet

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The thing about being a Hollywood actress is that the media eye will always be on you. Every pound gained or shed will call for a lot of scrutiny. Drew Barrymore's weight has always been under media scrutiny. She dropped 20 pounds in 2004 and has managed to stay in fantastic shape ever since. I love this woman and I can write a ten thousand word essay on the 'Life and Times of Drew Barrymore'. LoL! But for now, let me just stick to the 'Drew Barrymore diet'.

Drew Barrymore's Diet and Staying Shape Tips

Did she take any magic pill? Of course not. She just changed her diet a bit and started running. She runs three times a week and manages to cover 5 miles. However, she has confessed that she has never been a fan of anything that follows a routine. And because monotonicity has never been her thing, she does Pilates and Yoga on the days when she does not jog. Pilates and Yoga helps one to tone up and strengthen the muscles. Drew Barrymore hired Kathy Kaehler as her personal trainer and she put her on the Boot-camp Workout regimen to help her shed those extra pounds.

As for her diet, Drew Barrymore started eating a lot of healthy proteins like chicken and fish. She also includes a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to her meals. She eats three good meals a day and she does not snack in between. Most importantly, she drinks plenty of water to keep her system clean and free of toxins.

Final Word on the Drew Barrymore Diet :

Healthy as hell! I'm giving it a 10/10.

Jogging, Pilates and Yoga are some of the best ways to stay in shape and have a really toned body. Drew's diet also seems to be healthy. She seems to have struck a balance between carbs, proteins and fats. There is also a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals coming from fruits and vegetables. Drew Barrymore is having a well rounded diet and workout regimen. I recommend it.

Image Courtesy: englishnator.blogspot.com