Rachel Bilson Diet Secrets

"fid":"545611","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"","title":"Rachel Bilson","style":"border-width: 2px border-style: solid margin: 6px float: left width: 300px height: 300px","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"I am damn sure that you all will be eager to savor details about Rachel Bilson diet. Rachel is in news for her acting as well lanky body frame. I remember seeing her on TV where she looked too thin but she was never skinny. She says that she is very particular about what she eats and exercises well. Here are some of the diet secrets of Rachel Bilson which may aid you in big run. I thought of encapsulating one of her previous interviews to give you an idea of her diet. Here are some of the key highlights of Rachel Bilson Diet Secrets.

Diet: Checks what she eats and strongly exercises the policy of portion control. Rachel Bilson follows a strictly monitored diet.

Exercise: Another prominent feature of Rachel Bilsons diet is her exercising pattern. Rachel says that mostly love to go for cardio and dancing instead of the hard core exercises like other actresses.

Food and Mood: Rachel is a very moody person who follows her mood to eat. When she is hungry she goes on eating like a monster and she cant stay without eating for long. Rachel says that she always stocks some quick snacks like granola bar, cookies, candies, apple and crackers in her purse. She is very much fond of candies. (I feel this is particularly averse to many of the modern day diet programs which force you not to eat much. In my opinion Rachel Bilsons diet whole diet program revolves around eating sensibly and eating right ).

Eating Plan: Rachel says that she is more of a snack person than meal. She munches lot in between and she loves to have lots of junk food. For lunch mostly she snacks on chips and cookies. But she is equally fond of vegetables and fruits and a good apricot and nectarine meal will also do well for her. Also, she is a huge cereal lover and tries to eat it more during the meals. The article suggested that cinnamon toast crunch, life and frosted flakes are the part of Rachel Bilsons diet.

Rachel a cook: Rachel says that she loves to cook. And is kind of person who collects lots of cookbook.

The story of Rachel Bilsons diet even extended to the talks about foods that she has cooked. Rachel recollected about her special breaded chicken preparation which she has cooked for her friends. She prepared chicken tacos and guacamole during a dinner party to all her friends. Rachel further added that she loves cooking and plan to host lavish gourmet parties for her friends but at present she doesnt want to involve in laborious cooking process. Rachel says that she mostly depends on the Rachel Ray cookbook which her mother purchased for her.

While Summarizing the Rachel Bilson Diet Secrets I can say:

Eat Sensibly

Dont starve yourself.

Munch on lots of fruits and vegetables

Follow a moderate exercising pattern

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