Is Keira Anorexic: A Sneak Peek At Keira Knightley Diet Plan

"fid":"541259","viewmode":"wysiwyg","fields":"format":"wysiwyg","type":"media","attributes":"alt":"","title":"Keira's thinness has led to speculations of anorexia","style":"border-right: 2px solid border-top: 2px solid float: right margin: 9px border-left: 2px solid width: 380px border-bottom: 2px solid height: 379px","class":"media-element file-wysiwyg"While the media has been hounding Keira Knightley about being anorexic, her mother Sharman Macdonald insists that her actress daughter's slim figure is genetic, and has nothing to do with any eating disorder.

According to the actor's mother, Knightley has always been on a high protein and carb diet, which will make sure that she does not become too thin. Knightleys thin-ness, is something she inherited from her father, who is a theatre actor, and to maintain her healthy body weight, she has to eat like a horse.

She Eats Like A Horse

Sharman Macdonald says, Keira's father in his younger days would drink milk with eggs and honey and then go for training to increase body weight. Knightley also falls under the same category.She eats like a horse. I always want to apologise because she can eat anything that she wants and she does not put on weight, says Sharmon Macdonald.

In 2004, when Knightley had to put on weight for her character in the film King Arthur, she was put on a special diet. They had a diet sheet prepared for her, to see that she gained some weight, but as the diet chart stipulated much lesser food that she was originally eating, she dropped the diet chart, and stuck instead to eating like everyday. This was supplemented with some protein shake instead. Even with all this, she had remained thin and they had to digitally enhance her bust in the film posters.

It Is All In The Genes

Knightley has always denied having an eating-disorder, insisting that she is thin naturally, and though her grandmother and great grandmother had suffered from anorexia, she has not been faced with such a situation, as she has her father's genes. She recently went public with the statement that anyone could check her body type to figure that she was not anorexic. Knightley said: I am not anorexic. I have never been anorexic and I do not have any eating disorder. Anybody with an ounce of intelligence would say that too much emphasis is put on weight. Ive been on the screen since the age of seven and you can see what my body type is if you want to.

It was only last year that Knightly had sued a tabloid over a deeply offensive and embarrassing article, which had that implied she had an eating disorder, and which led to the death of a 19-year-old who tried to follow the example. Knightly's mother said that she is deeply distressed and powerless against all the false accusations. When kids are bullied in the playground, their parents are in absolute agony, she said. Its a playground situation, only with the press as the bully. But what can we do? She has approached the court once and won the case, and if she does it again, she will win it once more. But you cant keep doing that. So you have to just turn away.

Expert Speak

Dieticians have come up with proof that some people are genetically predisposed to be thin. New genes that code for obesity are being discovered all the time, and in the same way there will be genes that code to keep people very lean, said Lorraine McCreary, who is a registered NHS dietician who runs Diet Scotland, a clinic specialising in weight loss and eating disorders.

According to her there are a few slim people who can eat an awful lot of calories and still maintain a low body mass. So if Keira is not avoiding eating, and her eating pattern is normal and if her father has the same kind of physique, then its very likely that there is a genetic link.

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