Following Stallones Diet or a Stallion Diet

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Fancy yourself as a lean hot hunk with six-pack abs? Hollywood superstar, the all-time sexy Sylvester Stallone has a few diet secrets to share with you whether you want a toned body or muscles to flaunt. Through his anti-ageing and high energy diet he showed the world that he could lose about 7 pounds in just 2 weeks, and that too without feeling starved. Apart from the super hit Rocky and Rambo series, Sylvester has always managed to maintain a low 4-7 body fat in all his action packed movies. Not to ignore the fact that his weight was just 200 pounds. Dont you envy this man who baffled everyone with his body and acting?
Still punching at 63, this Hollywood action hero believes that everyone can lose weight on the diet he still follows. You can even lose some extra kilos depending on the starting weight, your food habits and lifestyle you follow. Interestingly, this diet is not just for guys even girls can follow it and enjoy a stunning physique. Of course, you have to cut down on your drinks and refrain or not indulge in all those party treats.
Boxing is all about agility, strength and speed. Forget Rocky Balboa Stallone believes that one has to be in perfect shape to excel in a sport like boxing, and one can do so only by practicing the right food habits and following a rigorous exercise regimen. In the movie "Rocky", Sylvester drank raw eggs however, the concept of drinking raw eggs is no more very popular as there are better choices for protein. Sylvester is one of the most disciplined men in the Hollywood fraternity. He makes it a point to eat on time always, doesn't snack all the time, and eats less. He loves pasta but eats them only when it is made of special flour. He eats lots of fish accompanied by brown rice and he even likes to have them during breakfast. He occasionally enjoys oatmeal cookies and drinks a little champagne during parties.
Building muscles doesnt happen so quickly its a gradual process, which may take months and even years. A healthy diet plan complemented by the right cardio workouts is all you need to develop a fabulous body. However, remember that bodybuilding diet plan is all about having nutritious food and that too in right amounts. If Sylvester could do it, why cant you?