Sandra Bullock, Best Actress, Diet & Fitness Secrets

When Sandra Bullock, the famous Hollywood actress bagged the Best Actress Oscars at 82nd Academy Awards, she was shimmering with matchless grace. The spotlight was on her for not just being the best actress Oscars, but Sandra was one among the prettiest and the gorgeous ladies who walked the red carpet.
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Sandra is 45 and is Still Looking Gorgeous!!!
Sandra Bullocks Diet: Yes, the picture traces no wrinkles, no bags or crows feet, but all what it depicts is a lady who chose to age graciously! Sandra is one among the followers of Zone Diet, one of the popular and proven celebrity diets. Sandra Bullocks diet often cuts down on carbs. She eats almost anything she wants however try to say to no junks. Moreover, she always tries to follow a well-balanced diet and practices portion control to increase the metabolic rate that helps to stay slim.
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Sandra Loves Diverse Workout Regimes
Sandra often practices a mix of workouts like weight training, plyometrics, running, biking, stair master climbing, kick boxing etc.
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An actress who is 45, Sandra Bullock is as amazing as ever, and thats more than enough a reason for her fans to follow her diet regime!
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