Yes He Kanye! Will Kim Kardashian Be The First Lady In 2020?

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With Obama safely out of the White House in 2016, you will be prepared to welcome a new Chief of the Nation. Will it be Hillary Clinton (OMG!) or Donald Trump (Heaven forbid!) to triumph next? Time will tell. However, you can be pretty sure of feasting your eyes on the hot N happening Kim Kardashian as First lady come 2020. Yes, Kanye West announced that he plans to runs for President 5 years from now i.e. in 2020.

West announced it to the world while accepting his VMA award. "I don't know what I stand to lose after this, it dont matter though, because it ain't about me, it's about new ideas, bro, new ideas. People with ideas, people who believe in truth," he said. "And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president," he said. You can catch his acceptance speech in entirety by watching the video below.

The Twitter brigade promptly went overboard of course, flooding the microblogging site with memes that will leave you laughing uncontrollably. Do check out some of the best ones below and have a good time going ROFL. Enjoy!

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Image Credit: usmagazine