Personal Assistant To A Star Or Just A Celeb Dogsbody?

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Aug. 28, 2015

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Being a dogsbody (i.e. a lackey or a person who does drudge work according to the Royal Navy parlance) is not too pleasant. You have to brace yourself to handle all kinds of menial and even humiliating tasks on behalf of your employer who presents a different side to the world. However, being a celeb dogsbody beats all else and nobody in their right minds would aspire to be one, if they know the truth.

There are numerous agencies out there that hire people for the role. Here is how you can be one. Watch!

But your life is not going to be your own once you take up the job. It can be downright weird too and you are likely to freak out, if you happen to be the sensitive type. Take a look at the chores you might be expected to do, if you happen to be a celebs personal assistant a.k.a. dogsbody.

Jermain Defoe, the world famous footballer wants his PA to build him a global brand as well as look after his mother. The duties include stocking the fridge, organizing the wardrobe, and being on call 24X7. Take a look at the job profile advertised.

Such demands are nothing new though states the founder of Sorted Personal Management, a firm that supplies assistants to Hollywood celebs. The stars sometimes demand things that are totally insane, he reiterated.

Here are some weird things that celebs asked their assistants to do. Take a look

Lady Gagas assistant was requested to sleep in her bed regularly.

Naomi Campbell reveled in making her assistants cry. It gave her a sense of power.

Batman star, Christian Bale insisted that he be called as Governor by all his personal employees. He also expected his assistant to entertain his family and friends.

Other (un)glamorous tasks include taking the stars pet dogs stool to the vet, buying their underwear, and even searching for a missing boa constrictor, a pet of a well known actress.

While the pay is good and the dogsbody gets to travel to exotic location around the world, the work can get stressful and too demanding and most have to sign nondisclosure contracts before taking up employment as a personal assistant to a celeb.

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