Hair Care Routine-10 Powerful Home Remedies To Reduce Hairfall And Grow Thick Long Hair In A Week

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Jun. 13, 2017

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Frequency of Washing in Your Hair Care Regimen: How frequently you need to wash your hair in a week depends on type of hair you have.

(i) Coarse and Dry Hair and if they are brittle: You need to wash your hair every second or third day.

(ii) Oily and Fine Hair and if they look greasy even the day after you wash it: You need to wash your hair daily.

(iii) Normal Hair: You need to wash it every alternate day.

2. Shampooing in Your Hair Care Routine:
(i) Before you shampoo, comb or brush your hair to loosen the dirt and dead skin cells from your scalp.

(ii) For coarse and dry hair, use hydrating shampoos.

(iii) For fine and oily hair, use clear shampoos which are not creamy.
(iv) For normal hair, use any good quality shampoo.

(v) Shampoo in small circular movements.

End your day with following hair care tips.

(i) Brush your hair before you sleep at night to untangle the knots that may have been got made up during the day.

(ii) Make a simple ponytail or plait before you sleep at night to secure your hair so that your strands do not get tangled or break, while you are sleeping.

6. Include these Natural Beauty Tips in your Daily Hair Care Routine:

(i) Drink plenty of water.

(ii) Eat Healthy Foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables.

(iii) Go for regular trimming of your hair to avoid dry, damaged hair and split ends.

(iv) Do not over-wash your hair.

(v) Do not overheat your hair or go for perming, coloring too often.

(iv) Consider using a good thermal protection spray before heat styling