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Dec. 14, 2018

It's the NEW Kuroba Toys that include both a Kuroba Battle Pack and a Kuroba Training Pack! We want to give a big thanks to Playmate Toys for sending us these fun new toys Sponsored. We love the game rock, paper, scissors and these new Kuroba Toys are rock, paper, scissors with a twist! If you have the Kuroba Battle Pack you will get 2 transforming figures, 2 creature gems and 3 mix and match panels. The Kuroba Training Pack comes with 1 super cute transforming figure, 1 creature gem and 1 practice cube. The mix and match panels make it easy to customize your Kuroba to the way you would like it. If you want to use your Kuroba for Rock-Paper-Scissors, simply take off the face plate to expose the strategy panel and choose rock, paper or scissors by moving the tab. Put the face plate back on and fold your Kuroba inside out. Get ready, as we battle it out with these NEW super fun Kuroba toys!